Who Needs ISIS When We've Got...(Part 1): Martin Shkreli and Turing Pharmaceuticals

(First in an occasional series on the real terrorists we should fear, none of which happen to belong to a certain well-armed group of losers and fucknuts)

So who would have figured that proud douchebro, all-around assbag, and man most likely to be serial nut-punched, Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, was a lying scumbag when he said he'd lower the price of a drug to treat toxoplasmosis? Shkreli had said he'd do so after the uproar when Turing bought U.S. rights to the drug and raised the price by 5400%, from $13.50 a pill to $750 because fuck you, commie. Turing did cut the price for hospitals who buy it in bulk, but since the bulk of the sales are to people who aren't hospitalized, like HIV patients and pregnant women, the gutting of people who need the drug continue. (And, by the way, the pill, Daraprim, has been around for over 60 years, so the research has been paid back multiple times.)

For instance, one patient in Seattle would have had to pay $27,000 a month to take Daraprim, so a rival company, seeing an opening, is offering a version at $1 a pill and guess what? Live by capitalism, die by capitalism, motherfucker. Imprimis is raking in the dough.

And Martin Shkreli and much of the pharmaceutical industry will continue to terrorize Americans, legally, under the mask of the free market.


A Thanksgiving Prayer from the Conquered

From Lakota Chief Yellow Lark:

Oh, Great Spirit,
whose voice I hear in the winds
and whose breath gives life
to all the world, hear me.
I am small and weak.
I need your strength and wisdom.

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes
ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have made
and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

Make me wise so that I may understand
the things you have taught my people.
Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.

I seek strength, not to be superior to my brother,
but to fight my greatest enemy – myself.

Make me always ready to come to you
with clean hands and straight eyes,
so when life fades, as the fading sunset,
my spirit will come to you without shame.


In Brief: Minneapolis Protest Shooters Are White Assholes, Of Course

Of course, the men who shot into the crowd of protesters during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Minneapolis over another cop killing another unarmed black male, Jamar Clark, were white assholes. There was a brief moment when an Hispanic man was arrested, and you could feel the hearts of racists grow three sizes as they prepared mighty blog posts to say, "See? It wasn't just white assholes."

Except, in the end, it was three white assholes because it's almost always white assholes. And, of course, almost tediously so, the white assholes were enamored of shit like Confederate symbols and militia nonsense and guns, guns, guns, motherfuckers, guns.

The protests for Clark continued Tuesday, even in the wake of Monday's shooting. They will pause today as Clark is buried by his family.

Tomorrow will be Thanksgiving, and we will break bread and rip apart turkeys to celebrate the white assholes who "started" this country on crime and murder, what we rightly call our "heritage."


Judge to Wisconsin Lawmakers: Stop Being Dicks About Abortion

Agree or disagree with Judge Richard Posner on an issue, it's easy to distill his approach to jurisprudence to a simple message to the party he rules against: "You're being dicks. Stop being dicks." And when you're on his side, as with his evisceration of homophobes on same-sex marriage, it is the kind of breathtaking that is usually reserved for the entrance of Magic Mike. So it is in his opinion yesterday in a 2-1 appeals court ruling overturning Wisconsin's ludicrous anti-choice law that requires doctors at clinics that perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

From the get-go, Posner demonstrates just how dickish the law was in its concept: "Although signed into law on a Friday (July 5, 2013), Wisconsin’s statute required compliance—the possession, by every doctor who performs abortions, of admitting privileges at a hospital within a 30-mile radius of each clinic at which the doctor performs abortions—by the following Sunday (July 7, 2013). There was no way an abortion doctor, or any other type of doctor for that matter, could obtain admitting privileges so quickly, and there wouldn’t have been a way even if the two days hadn’t been weekend days. As the district court found, it takes a minimum of one to three months to obtain admitting privileges and often much longer."

In other words, by design, the statute targeted clinics for near-immediate end of abortion services, even as, Posner explains again and again, access to them is still a fucking constitutional right. From Posner: "Until and unless Roe v. Wade is overruled by the Supreme Court, a statute likely to restrict access to abortion with no offsetting medical benefit cannot be held to be within the enacting state’s constitutional authority."

Even on the issue of whether or not it's necessary for a doctor to have admitting privileges in order to help women who have complications after an abortion, Posner takes it apart: "One doctor with extensive experience in obstetrics and gynecology told about a case in which a woman with a complication from an abortion might, he thought, have avoided a hysterectomy if her abortion doctor had called the hospital or had had admitting privileges. That is the only evidence in the record that any woman whose abortion resulted in a medical complication has ever, anywhere in the United States, been made worse off by being handed over by her abortion doctor to a gynecologist, or other specialist with relevant expertise, employed by the hospital to which she’s taken. And the example doesn’t actually have anything to do with admitting privileges. The abortion doctor didn’t need admitting privileges at a hospital in order to call an ambulance to take his patient to the nearest hospital, or to communicate with the treating doctor at the hospital—neither of which he did." And that's all the evidence the state of Wisconsin had.

Yeah, you should use that quote around the Thanksgiving table when that relative, you know, that one, brings up abortion to a mostly uncomfortable silence. If you live in Wisconsin, you can add, "And Scott Walker can suck my giblets."

Read the whole thing. It's just a series of amazing, quotable passages where Posner says, repeatedly, "Goddamn, you are such dicks." He covers the expense of travel and lodging for poor women to get to distant clinics (the cost of which, as he says, the state isn't willing to pick up) and the fact that limiting first trimester abortions leads to many more second trimester abortions, where complications are more frequent (although still incredibly infrequent).

One last quote here, so good you can touch yourself as you read it like the best erotic fiction: "Opponents of abortion reveal their true objectives when they procure legislation limited to a medical procedure—abortion—that rarely produces a medical emergency. A number of other medical procedures are far more dangerous to the patient than abortion, yet their providers are not required to obtain admitting privileges anywhere, let alone within 30 miles of where the procedure is performed."

Short version? "Hey, dicks, go fuck yourselves."


We All Get the Donald Trump We Deserve

The Rude Pundit was on the verge of writing an angry wee blog post about dwarf-handed pigfucker Donald Trump and his lies (motherfucker did say he would start a registry of Muslims), lying (cockknob's racist tweet of racist stats put forth by racists, like him), bullshit (dick-weasel didn't see "thousands and thousands" of people cheering in Jersey City as the Twin Towers fell because there weren't thousands and thousands of Arabs or Muslims or whatever in Jersey City in 2001), outrage (jizz-gobbler said he thought a black protester beaten at his rally should have been roughed up), and outrageousness (bitchface put out a video of Hillary Clinton laughing while the Benghazi compound burns). Goddamn, what a fucking bounty, just in one weekend, like the glory days of the bathhouses in Chelsea, just ripe and tumescent for the picking.

And then the Rude Pundit thought about a book he read months ago. It's Bird Box by Josh Malerman, and it's one of the creepiest damn novels of the last couple of years (that this guy has read). But it also provides us with a useful metaphor. See, Bird Box takes place after creatures from somewhere have taken over the earth. The catch is that as long as you don't look at the things, you'll have a chance to survive. If you do, though, you'll go mad and you'll kill yourself, perhaps taking others with you in the process. And, no, there is no Medusa-mirror solution here. People are forced to exist in houses with all the windows covered and, if they must leave, they have to go outside blindfolded so they don't accidentally glimpse a monster. Some characters can't help themselves or some just stumble, and the madness takes over. But for those who are brave enough to keep their eyes covered, they have still have to hear the things and feel them when they are close; they just get to keep their sanity and their lives.

Goddamnit, we don't have to respond every time Donald Trump, a syphilitic screamer who is half carnival barker, half cut-rate Mussolini, spews out something, either in one of his loudmouthed phone interviews or on his Twitter account, where he or his minions articulate his brand of brainwashing the useless mouth-breathing ass-pickers who are his voters clamor for. Trump himself regularly calls for boycotts of companies that annoy him in some meaningless way. The editor of The Daily Beast is saying we should boycott Trump products because the man himself is such a twat-flea.

But what if we boycotted Trump? What if we just decided that looking at him, listening to him, giving him airtime every single speech or tweet or fucked-up expression of ego that he's pretending is policy is driving us insane? What if we decide to wear blindfolds and allow him to rant and rage, but let him do it in a fucking vacuum, with no coverage? Go all in: kick him out of the GOP debates because he's a blithering hatemonger, a wealthy dilettante playing games with the minds of the idiotic. Oh, sure, he'll go nutzoid, say it's because we're all frightened of him and his silent majority (who, fuck you, are heard more than any liberal movement anywhere in the U.S.). Ignore that, too.

Trump is still here because we have said that the things he spouts are within the realm of decency, and that's only because he's rich. Without his money, he'd be debating rats about who gets the best pizza crusts. And while all of the GOP candidates are wanton suckers of goat cock, maybe one of them could have the straight-up balls to say, "Yeah, fuck this. I'm not appearing on the same stage with this asshole." It'd get you more coverage, John Kasich, than 100 proposals to create a Department of How Awesome Jesus Is (and, Sure, Jews) in your pretend administration.

Maybe it's time to stop ourselves from going completely over the edge.

(Note: This is as much a fantasy as Trump becoming president. We'll all keep talking about his brain vomit.)


Hey, Cruz and Rubio, You Know That Cuban Refugee Terrorists Blew Things Up in the U.S. in the 1970s, Right?

Check this out. It's from the New York Times on Sunday, November 28, 1976, so almost exactly 39 years ago. The title pretty much gives the game away: "9 Cuban Refugees Go on Trial in Miami Tomorrow, Putting Focus on Terrorists' Activities in South Florida." The article is pretty stunning to look at now, in our current context, and it's important, so listen:

"Nine Cuban refugees are to go on trial here Monday in the murder of Luciano Nieves, an exile leader who had advocated a United States dialogue with Cuba. The case, in which four other suspects are still at large, will focus new attention on Miami's Cuban terrorists, who are a major force in the city's Latin-American community, according to the authorities." Yeah, see, the terrorists even belonged to a group with a name, the Pragmatistas, and they could hide in the Cuban community.

The Pragmatistas were "regarded as the most violent and dangerous of the exile groups," and they "financed themselves through 'acts of terrorism such as arson for hire and kidnapping,'" according to a Dade County grand jury that was investigating terrorism. These jerks extorted money from legitimate business people, with about 100 "hard-core terrorists" in the area and another 100 who participated in terrorist activities.

The article goes on, "Their political goal has been to prevent what they view as an impending rapprochement between the United States and Cuba...Despite their limited numbers, the terrorists have had a major impact on south Florida. In the last three years, more than 100 bombs have exploded in Miami. At the height of the campaign, there were 10 blasts in a 24-hour period, including one outside the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one in Miami police headquarters, and a third in the office of the State Attorney." Several people died and others were badly hurt by the terrorist bombings committed by terrorists who came to this country as refugees.

Do you understand? We knew, for sure, that refugees from Cuba were committing acts of violence in the United States. They were bombing an American city with the goal of changing the foreign policy of a Republican administration (that of Gerald Ford). And this was after the fears in the 1960s that Soviet Communists would come in from Cuba and overthrow the U.S. government had mostly passed. Guess what we didn't do? We didn't stop taking in Cuban refugees.

The terrorism by Cuban refugees, who, it should be noted, were allowed into the country under a special law meant to automatically grant them asylum starting in November 1966, continued, even into the Mariel boatlift in 1980, where thousands of Cubans came to the shores of the United States, including, yes, we know, at least 2000 criminals that Fidel Castro sent over.

So when Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, both of partial Cuban descent, whose fathers fled the conflict in Cuba in the 1950s, want to halt Syrian refugees from coming to the United States because of completely unfounded fears of infiltration by terrorists, they are being beyond hypocritical.

Would they be willing to tell the Cuban population that they would have ended the refugee program in the 1970s because of real terrorists committing real crimes from Cuba? No, they're not that brave or stupid. But they should be asked, over and over, why we didn't punish the thousands upon thousands of innocent Cubans for the violent acts of a few.


Donald Trump Is a Scarier Terrorist Than Anyone from ISIS (Updated)

It's become perfectly clear that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has decided that the best way to overcome terrorism is by being more of a terrorist than the terrorists themselves. What separates Trump's use of fear as a campaign tactic from every other candidate doing so is that, for Trump, it's an unabashed attempt to demonize, isolate, and punish people for their identities. Others may do two of those three things, like Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush, but only Trump pushes his rhetoric to the point where he's obviously talking about violence against innocent people abroad, as in "bomb the shit out of them," and, more importantly, here in the United States.

This is what Trump told Yahoo News, in an interview published today, about what he'd do as president about Syrian refugees who are let into the United States during the Obama administration: "They’re going to be gone. They will go back...I’ve said it before, in fact, and everyone hears what I say, including them (the refugees), believe it or not. But if they’re here, they have to go back, because we cannot take a chance. You look at the migration, it’s young, strong men. We cannot take a chance that the people coming over here are going to be ISIS-affiliated." Trump said he would be willing to look into issuing Muslims special identification, which would have to be something akin to "show me your papers" or a cloth crescent and star, perhaps, worn on one's garments. And he has said that mosques need to come under scrutiny or perhaps be closed. This is not to mention that he wants to start up warrantless surveillance of Muslim communities.

On undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Latin America, in addition to his wall, Trump has said that he will deport all 11 million people currently in the United States illegally. He'd end birthright citizenship, and he'd stop issuing green cards for a period of time. And if you think he's moderated his tone since June, when he called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and criminals, just last month, Trump offered a take on Mexicans that was straight out of the Archie Bunker book of insults: "I mean, the way our country is run, if it doesn't happen to be me that wins, you know what's going to happen? They're going to build a plant and illegals are going drive those cars right over the border. And they'll probably end up stealing the cars." Of course, the crowd cheered madly.

Ultimately, Donald Trump is promising to tear apart the families of millions of people and send thousands back to be killed or abused in Syria. This is not to mention the paranoia, no, the terror that Trump wants to instill in the legal immigrants who are here or the American Muslims who have lived in this country for several generations. And what if someone resists carrying an i.d. card, like an American citizen? Will they be arrested? Beaten?  Shot by cops? Trump has no compunction about widespread punishment or about rallying the nationalist idiots for some kind of restoration of an older America, a goal that is not that different from those who want a caliphate. And this doesn't even get into his China-phobia.

Yeah, many others have said the obvious, that Trump is now essentially a fascist without the coherent ranting of a Hitler or Mussolini. He's delineated people into superior and inferior populations, and he's calling for the repression of those he deems inferior.

But we can also call Trump a "terrorist" for the way he wields fear as a cudgel, forcing everyone to respond and freak-out and change how they live and what they think of the world around them. Frankly, we should be more frightened of Donald Trump than any ISIS fighter creeping into the nation. Trump is here. And, as he'll tell you, he's armed and dangerous.

Update: Last night, Trump said he would "absolutely implement" a database registry for Muslims living in the United States. Asked if people would be "forced to register," he said, "They have to be." He is a clear and present danger.